Youthful Rebellion

Her pink suitcase was overflowing with “necessities.” A panda bear, a blanket, her toothbrush. Tiny hands struggled to latch the cheap plastic piece of luggage. “I’M LEAVING!” she screamed.  “Okay, honey,” her mother replied, not evening looking up from her book. “We will see you soon.” “No! I’m leaving FOREVER!” stomping her foot, furious they didn’t … More Youthful Rebellion

Fleeting Warmth

The sunshine was all she needed – fleeting ray of light to warm the building layer of ice. Streaming through whispy branches, it struggled to reach her frigid, chapped cheeks. Deep in the forest she closed her eyes, let the still, the sporadic chirps and rustles be all. Surrounding herself with beauty, the joy that … More Fleeting Warmth

Therapeutic Melodies

Music drowned her crying. Filled her ears, her chest with the deep bass and soothing melodic tones. She closed her eyes and briefly tried to forget, to allow her body to feel again; therapeutic music massaging her tense muscles as she relaxed and swayed with the beat, letting the words sink in. The pain that … More Therapeutic Melodies

Seasonal Shifts

Grey against the green, stark transition of love to hate, peace to rage. She resonated with the sky that day, drastic change in mood, the seasonal shifts so like her own. Mirrored that intensity, the piercing burn of gust chilled emotions slapping her cheeks. Moments later, soothing sensations of a ray of sun, calming the … More Seasonal Shifts

End of Year Goals Met!

As a result of a number of activities, events, stressors, and other things going on both personally and professionally, I haven’t had near as much time to dedicate to my writing as I’ve wanted to. So much for participating in NaNoWriMo this month! Writing is so incredibly cathartic and I absolutely need to find the time to … More End of Year Goals Met!

Frozen Shades

  It was deceptive, that clear afternoon. Sun setting beneath forested horizons, blanketing the landscape in a vibrancy that only appears in the crisp evenings of autumn. Sparse wisps of clouds dotted the sky, glowing with the deep purples, pinks, oranges. River reflected the nightly show, a panorama of effervescent shades parading their nocturnal dance. … More Frozen Shades

Evergreen Mist

Hidden from sight, the town sleeps. Cocooned safely by vine maple and fir, fern carpets encase the serene escape. Rain abates after 4 miles, peaceful respite from torrential downpour. It’s refreshing. We need the rain. Be happy. Rain is good. Look to the skies that threaten to open again. Waterlogged shoes squish, spongy toes chilled to the … More Evergreen Mist