What Inspires You?

Day 9 – “I” Inspiration We all have something. Something that, when exposed to, inspires us to hit the ground running and write something magical. Something that speaks directly to our creative soul, urging us to find a scrap of paper, a phone, a computer, anything, to get those thoughts out and preserved in some way. There are … More What Inspires You?

The Editing Process

Day 5 – “E” Editing I’m old school. When it comes to ripping apart my first drafts, I find it physically painful to do so in any method that does not include a hard copy of the document and a red pen. Whether this be editing an employee handbook at work, revising an essay or article, … More The Editing Process

Drafting Away!

Day 4 – “D” Drafting (The First Stages) As I alluded to in my post on Character Development, I am a tad obsessive about outlining (a topic I will discuss in further detail later in this challenge). What happens when that stage of the writing process ends? One can only outline, plot, and plan so much. … More Drafting Away!

Character Development

Day 3 – “C” Character Development Particularly when working on longer pieces, I am a slightly obsessive outliner. For my novels, I have notebooks filled with lists and charts, descriptions and dialogue, and all manner of scribbles and scrawls. Certainly a part of my Type-A personality that I embrace, I feel such a sense of … More Character Development