Neon Tetras Flash By

Five years old, innocent eyes attempting slumber. Distracted by rhythmic pumping from the bedroom closet. Focused on the neon tetras, stripes of cobalt and blood-red flash behind waxy, plastic ferns. Bubbles churn the sound of water in her ears. Sour coffee breath exhales on her skin. Fixated on the macramé basket, knotted hemp, walnut beads. … More Neon Tetras Flash By

Bittersweet Memories

The worst type of loss imaginable. Only in their arms a few short days, a lifetime of memories to be cherished in bittersweet agony. They rallied. Friends, family, complete strangers who heard. Bake sales and car washes. Mom and Pop shops donating proceeds earned. The raw, piercing heartbreak a connection even an outsider could relate … More Bittersweet Memories

Desperate Love

Eight years old and perpetually suspended, physical altercations a daily occurrence. The loss of his mother manifesting into something darker, threatening to overtake his young life. He came home to the small black and white bundle curled up on his bed, dark brown eyes pleading for the love they both yearned for. Charlie took the … More Desperate Love

Youthful Rebellion

Her pink suitcase was overflowing with “necessities.” A panda bear, a blanket, her toothbrush. Tiny hands struggled to latch the cheap plastic piece of luggage. “I’M LEAVING!” she screamed.  “Okay, honey,” her mother replied, not evening looking up from her book. “We will see you soon.” “No! I’m leaving FOREVER!” stomping her foot, furious they didn’t … More Youthful Rebellion

Therapeutic Melodies

Music drowned her crying. Filled her ears, her chest with the deep bass and soothing melodic tones. She closed her eyes and briefly tried to forget, to allow her body to feel again; therapeutic music massaging her tense muscles as she relaxed and swayed with the beat, letting the words sink in. The pain that … More Therapeutic Melodies

Frozen Shades

  It was deceptive, that clear afternoon. Sun setting beneath forested horizons, blanketing the landscape in a vibrancy that only appears in the crisp evenings of autumn. Sparse wisps of clouds dotted the sky, glowing with the deep purples, pinks, oranges. River reflected the nightly show, a panorama of effervescent shades parading their nocturnal dance. … More Frozen Shades

Nocturnal Narnia

She stood there, in the middle of the path as it snaked through the park, along the river. She closed her eyes and let the night sounds permeate. The muted rush of the water flowing nearby, the high pitched hum of the cicadas, the staccato chirps of the crickets starting their nocturnal crescendo. Cracks of the … More Nocturnal Narnia

Love Lost

Months before my birth, she left us. I never knew this woman, compassionate and loving, the heart of our family, glue that kept them all together. She never got to say goodbye, honeymooning in the Alps, no one could reach her. Years later, watching Di’s funeral, she wept. Reminded of the mother she lost, the confidant … More Love Lost