Pristine Moments

Nestled in a bed of cushioning green, pristine on the forest floor. Sunlight caresses glittering petals, yet to be dusted by gold. Fleeting spring moment, blanket of colors galore. That magical week. Advertisements

Slumbering Wood

The skies threatened snow. Breaks of blue broken by the rolling brown-grey of clouds thick with chill. Fleeting rays of gold trickled through the canopies, kissing the barren forest with ephemeral warmth. Moss clutched the sleeping trees, heavy with the weight of winter wet. Blanketing with soggy green, tiny clinging feet. The stillness of the slumbering wood … More Slumbering Wood

Fleeting Warmth

The sunshine was all she needed – fleeting ray of light to warm the building layer of ice. Streaming through whispy branches, it struggled to reach her frigid, chapped cheeks. Deep in the forest she closed her eyes, let the still, the sporadic chirps and rustles be all. Surrounding herself with beauty, the joy that … More Fleeting Warmth

Seasonal Shifts

Grey against the green, stark transition of love to hate, peace to rage. She resonated with the sky that day, drastic change in mood, the seasonal shifts so like her own. Mirrored that intensity, the piercing burn of gust chilled emotions slapping her cheeks. Moments later, soothing sensations of a ray of sun, calming the … More Seasonal Shifts

Evergreen Mist

Hidden from sight, the town sleeps. Cocooned safely by vine maple and fir, fern carpets encase the serene escape. Rain abates after 4 miles, peaceful respite from torrential downpour. It’s refreshing. We need the rain. Be happy. Rain is good. Look to the skies that threaten to open again. Waterlogged shoes squish, spongy toes chilled to the … More Evergreen Mist

Warm Rust

When evening air turns, the crisp kisses my face and the hairs stand up on still bare arms, I know it is here. Evening walks turn golden with the autumn setting sun, the hazy dust of fall harvest spreading a shimmering glow. Familiar crunch, sound that mirrors the changing colors, that shift. Warm, rusty leaves float and … More Warm Rust

Sepia Stained Haze

Alpine majesty lost, cloud of human idiocy blanketing breathtaking peaks, erasing the splendor. Disgust at human race, no appreciation for nature, the honor bestowed upon us. Trying to push through the haze, attempts to enjoy sepia stained landscapes. Lungs burning, stinging from stench, wood smoke smell of thousands of acres on fire. All plans thwarted.

Red Stains

The day the city let us back in, we went to help. Driving through mud covered alleys, landfill streets. Doors covered with red paint – 0 Dead – 1 – 2. Trapped inside, survivors wait for rescue. Wade into a home about to collapse. A dog floats by. Tears well –  ashamed a dead animal stirs more emotion. Dirty diapers … More Red Stains