Pure Nostalgia

I truly hope I’m not the only one who does this… At the end of amazing trips, phenomenal experiences, and relaxing vacations I often find myself holding back a few bittersweet tears; incredibly sad to be leaving, and blissfully happy to have tucked another memory under my belt. That was this past weekend. A weekend of … More Pure Nostalgia

Mother Earth: The Greatest of All Inspiration

Small stones dig into the arches of my feet, free of boots instantly after reaching the pebbly shoreline. Pack thrown to the ground, hands on hips, I stand in the crisp spring breeze, chest heaving from exertion. Gulping deep breaths, mist rising from the flowing river creeps up my nostrils, down my throat, coating my insides with … More Mother Earth: The Greatest of All Inspiration

Green Pine and Clay

Collecting droplets fall onto pale, pink cheeks. Familiar fresh of rain just poured smells of green, sweet pine, clay earth. Muddy depths flow beneath, eddies pool, murk rushes alongside. Heron stalks, prances, delicately stabs. Oh, to be a river creature, sliding through, skirting around, swimming between. That weightless freedom, that chilled connection of being one. … More Green Pine and Clay

Amber Ice

Glimmer and glisten, ice crept in, coating brilliant red, orange, gold in cocoon. Freezing. Snapping. Encased in chill, sleeping through glass shattering sound of branch, ice hitting pavement. Street lamps glowed through heavy, laden limbs. Soft amber of night kissing bare skin. Morning sun crept through the thick grey, leaves dripping, soggy mush to remain. … More Amber Ice

The Life of a Rez Dog

Sobbing as we pulled out of the fog covered campground, two brown eyes followed my departure, equally miserable. As the car turned the final corner down the long gravel drive, the black wagging tail dropped in sad, submissive acceptance that the relationship we had shared for the past three days was merely temporary. She would … More The Life of a Rez Dog