The Battle has Begun

Weeks of tests and scans, poking and prodding, procedures. The news came back yesterday, and now we prepare for life with the C-word. For the weeks, months, years to come of physical strife and emotional exhaustion. We will get through it together, as a family who prides themselves in standing strong through times of trial, … More The Battle has Begun

Blog Theme Revamp!

Hey all! I’ve been getting bored with my blog theme and style, having had the same look for the past two years, and decided it was time for a long overdue refresh and revamp of The Wordy Rose. Sadly, after selecting the theme I wanted and “activating” it, I lost the proper linking of posts … More Blog Theme Revamp!

Raspberry Froth and Foam

Some of my most treasured childhood memories come straight out of the kitchen. My mother, sister, and I cooking or baking for some holiday or special event, my father looking on, laughing as his girls lovingly bickered and giggled. Throughout the summer, my mother was constantly preserving food. Peeling and canning whole vegetables, cooking down batches … More Raspberry Froth and Foam

Summertime Adventures!

Yesterday’s poem, Smells and Sounds of Summer, made me ache for that idyllic summer day. Having fun out of doors with my sweet pup, lazy afternoons swimming and reading at the river, basking in the afternoon sun until my skin threatens to bubble. Days turn into weekends, into weeks, and long vacations. I’m eagerly planning … More Summertime Adventures!

Kickball Catastrophe

I joined a kickball league. I joined a kickball league with the expectation that it would be a fun way to work in some additional exercise and socializing into my schedule. Last week was our first tournament, and though we lost 4 to 8, it was really enjoyable and I didn’t suck nearly as bad … More Kickball Catastrophe