The Joys of the First Trimester

The fact that I am even writing this post is still so surreal to me! I have successfully completed the first four months and I feel that I can finally breathe a huge sigh of relief and can start enjoying my pregnancy now that the chances of anything going wrong are slim, and I am done with the horrid symptoms that the first trimester brought with it.

As soon as I felt the slightest change in my body, I instantly went to the local drug store and spent a ridiculous amount of money on a number of pregnancy tests. 3 tests in 3 different brands all told us the exact same thing, I was indeed pregnant! My husband and I kept this sweet discovery a secret until we hit 6-7 weeks, at which time we told our parents, siblings, and a few close friends. My morning sickness kicked in around this time and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to hide this from my mother and mother-in-law for too long, as their eagle eyes were on the lookout for any tell-tale signs!

My first appointment was a consultation with a registered nurse at 7 weeks. We went over all of the basics: diet, exercise, things to avoid, things I should make certain I am doing, etc. I had been on a prenatal diet, had been taking my prenatal vitamins, had been avoiding certain foods, had cut back on alcohol, etc. in the months preceding my pregnancy, so there weren’t a lot of lifestyle changes to make. The biggest thing I didn’t know about was runny eggs! I absolutely love soft boiled, poached, or over easy eggs. Of all the foods to avoid, this has definitely been the most challenging!

At 9 1/2 weeks we had our first ultrasound to officially confirm the pregnancy and date it. My gosh was I nervous. I had been so worried this pregnancy that something would go wrong, that I would miscarry, or that when we went in for that first appointment there would be no heartbeat. I was clammy, my hands were shaking, and my blood pressure was through the roof! All of that anxiety quickly abated when my Ob/Gyn pressed that magical little wand to my stomach and an blob with four stubby limbs popped up on the screen with a little heart flickering away rapidly. The relief I felt was completely indescribable. Knowing that my baby had a strong heartbeat brought tears of joy to my eyes.

After we went over a bunch of first trimester information and got a number of our questions asked, we recieved our due date and scheduled our next two appointments. The following appointment to hear the heartbeat we scheduled at 14 weeks, at which time I would be safely starting my second trimester and most definitely in the “safe” zone.

The next month seemed to both drag and fly by simultaneously. My morning sickness was the worst in my second and third months. I had a few mornings in which I woke up dry heaving, but for the most part it was “night”sickness. Evenings were absolutely brutal. The very idea of dinner was a total joke and I was completely miserable after getting home from work, completely fatigued and nauseous, just wanting to curl up and sleep my stomachache away.

Coupled with my pregnancy sickness was the worst food aversion I had ever experienced in my life: chicken. And I love chicken! I sampled a bit of a rotisserie chicken at around week 7, and it tasted absolutely rancid. It made me so sick that even now that my nausea and food aversions have mostly abated, the mere thought of chicken makes my stomach churn. I’m certain at this point it is 100% physiological, as the memory of what that chicken tasted like overpowers any other good memory. However, I did successfully munch on some buffalo chicken wings the other night, though the intensely hot flavor most certainly predominated any “chickeny” tastes.

The 14 week appointment was significantly shorter, but nevertheless exciting and meaningful. Hearing that little baby’s heartbeat pounding away at 151 beats per minute was simply amazing. It was the additional reassurance I needed that my sweet baby was growing strong with a heartbeat that was exactly where it needed to be. ❤

The first trimester was a roller coaster of lows and highs for me. The emotional ups and downs were insane; not only from a hormonal standpoint (sorry, babe!), but the moments of pure elation and joy followed by worries and fears that seemed all consuming at times. Sickness and fatigue made me ragged from a physical standpoint, and I was breaking out like a 12 year old boy! I’m so happy that all of that has come to a close. I am thoroughly enjoying my second trimester and am looking forward to all of the wonderful moments that the next few months will bring to our growing little family. 🙂


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