Slumbering Wood


The skies
threatened snow.
Breaks of blue
broken by the
rolling brown-grey
of clouds
thick with chill.

Fleeting rays
of gold trickled
through the
kissing the barren
forest with
ephemeral warmth.

Moss clutched the
sleeping trees,
heavy with the
weight of winter wet.
Blanketing with
soggy green,
tiny clinging feet.

The stillness of the
slumbering wood
Tiny buds breaking
free, pushing
through sodden
fertile floors.


13 thoughts on “Slumbering Wood

    1. Thank you, Joanne! I’m surprised you you’re not getting any what with all the snow they’re getting south of you! We are having a very wet, albeit unseasonably warm, winter here.

  1. Beautiful! It feels just like what I experience on my walks on the Island. I’m glad you mentioned the ‘buds breaking free…” Our snowdrops are out and spring is on its way.

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