Evergreen Mist


Hidden from sight,
the town sleeps.
Cocooned safely
by vine maple and fir,
fern carpets encase
the serene escape.

Rain abates after 4 miles,
peaceful respite from
torrential downpour.
It’s refreshing. We need the rain.
Be happy. Rain is good.
Look to the skies that
threaten to open again.

Waterlogged shoes
squish, spongy toes chilled
to the bone.
Ringing out clothes,
eyes flashing, watching for
creeping peepers.
Sanctuary in
clapboard lean-to.

Evergreen mist surrounds,
lonely bird calls
and the scuttle of squirrels
the only proof of life.
Reminder of the
proof of solitude
that still exists.

The fresh mountain air,
a medication for the soul.


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