The Battle has Begun

Weeks of tests and scans, poking and prodding, procedures. The news came back yesterday, and now we prepare for life with the C-word. For the weeks, months, years to come of physical strife and emotional exhaustion. We will get through it together, as a family who prides themselves in standing strong through times of trial, stepping up and pushing through because at the end of the day, family is all you have and that is worth fighting for.

I cannot imagine our life without you. You, the rock that holds our family together. The one we go to for advice on everything from home repairs and gardening to planning for the future. Our wise and worldly family head, the beloved patriarch who we we laugh with, who we lovingly battle with in conversations on politics, history, tales from the old country and crotchety old relatives, and how the world is changing.

The toll it is taking is heartbreaking to watch. The spark, the light we love, has gone from your sweet eyes and we simply have to get it back. The next few weeks will provide a plan of attack, an attempt to remove, to cure, to heal. It will be rough, it will be hard, it will be physically grueling and mentally draining. The end result, happy and healthy and a returned sense of normalcy the miracle we are ferociously praying for.

Your ever pessimistic and sarcastic world views that so align with my own; I don’t want to lose that, to lose these memories. There is so much yet to experience, so much yet to enjoy with you in our lives. To see the birth of your son’s child, to hold that baby in your arms. To see your children thrive and continue to grow with your guidance and counsel a constant source. To make so many more memories to treasure.

We will fight this with you. We will beat this. We aren’t ready to say goodbye.


13 thoughts on “The Battle has Begun

    1. Thank you, Richard. Trying to process all of this right now. Really struggling with the “life must go on” concept; everything (work, social events, etc.) seems so insignificant compared to this.

  1. I’m so sorry to hear your family is engaged in this battle. I send you all beautiful white healing light, and will keep you in my prayers. When things don’t make sense…that is when we really need to pay attention. Sending much love ❤

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