Love Lost

Months before my birth, she left us.

I never knew this woman, compassionate and loving, the heart of our family, glue that kept them all together. She never got to say goodbye, honeymooning in the Alps, no one could reach her. Years later, watching Di’s funeral, she wept. Reminded of the mother she lost, the confidant she would never have again.

He waited. For 25 years, filling the time, missing his true love, the light of his life. Once lost, they lay together now. Oak savannas keeping watch as the seasons turn yet again. Cycle never waiting, always moving.

This blog post is part of Charli Mill’s Flash Fiction Challenge issued by Carrot Ranch Communications. September 9, 2015 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about someone or something that’s lost. It can be lost in a setting (storm, darkness, ocean) or it can be a feeling. Is there a recovery? What are the consequences of remaining lost? What are the opportunities?


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