Little Bird

An oldie but a goodie! Reviewing some of my older posts and came across this gem, my very first poem I posted on my blog! 🙂

The Wordy Rose

Little Bird

A sea of green, blue, brown.
Warm and soft to the touch,
the pile of yarn.

Leaning over I gaze into the box.
He lies there. Chest rising, falling, rising, falling.
Tiny walnut beak gasping for breath.

Rust feathers. Coal feathers.
Eyes red.
I pick you up, your broken leg,
broken wing limp in my hands.

Alone on the forest floor.
Pushed out of your home,
abandoned by family.
Trauma entered your life.
Claimed it.

Finger strokes your spine,
tiny vertebrae perfectly stacked.
Warm, the final feeling.

In my hands you puff up, lift your head.
You shudder.
You’re still.

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12 thoughts on “Little Bird

    1. I don’t know why I do this to myself again and again lol. I always wait the recommended amount of time to make certain the mother has given up on the animal, and then put forth a final effort to nurse it back to health. Hasn’t worked yet, but you’re right. At least the bird passed on cozy and warm. I had a similar experience with a tiny, baby squirrel who fell out of a HIGH tree in front of our house. After waiting all day, mom never came for it. It was starting to rain and my options were either to bring it inside or let it freeze or get mauled by cats. Died that night against my chest 😦 Good Lord I was a sobbing mess for that one….

      1. Awww, happened to me once with a baby rabbit… We all cried, but int the end, if they can’t survive in this world, their little souls go back to the Creator and that’s much better place to be! ❤

      2. Yes, it is, because all living things are interconnected! Sometimes we forget that… but caring about animals and plants reminds us of it! 🙂

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