Blog Theme Revamp!

Hey all! I’ve been getting bored with my blog theme and style, having had the same look for the past two years, and decided it was time for a long overdue refresh and revamp of The Wordy Rose.

Sadly, after selecting the theme I wanted and “activating” it, I lost the proper linking of posts to pages/categories and am going to have to figure out how to fix all of this. My most recent posts are still accessible on my main page, but when you click any of the pages at the top of the screen, it directs you to a blank page, versus a a short preview of all the posts in that category.


I spent so much time fixing the menus for my old blog theme and was so happy when I finally got everything down! It is incredibly frustrating to have to go through this whole process again. I tried reverting back to the old theme, but by that point, the same issue was occurring.

Bear with me over the next few days as I try to remedy this issue. I may be reaching out for some help if I can’t figure it out!



13 thoughts on “Blog Theme Revamp!

  1. aww liking the new theme and hope all the glitches are fixed soon! That happened to me too when I changed the theme so I went back and just changed the headers :p but I like you taking the time and working with it…

    1. I figured out what the glitch was. It had to do with the “menu locations”. Super easy fix. I had a bit of a freak out moment when nothing was linking to the proper categories/pages!!! All is good now! 🙂 And thanks!!

  2. I understand your frustration. I’ve had the same header and ‘theme’ since I began my blog three years ago, and figure I should update it…but I’m too scared!! :-0

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