Agonizing Itch

They linger,
rose colored and
rough, dozens
scattered across
bronzed, bare

Long after I leave,
I hear them.
High pitched and
Buzz attracted to
the salty drips,
the warmth of
straining flesh.

Welts rise,
fingernails scrape
across the pricks.
a small price to pay.
Rough, raised
bumps bring
me back.

Agonizing irritation,
that burns a


17 thoughts on “Agonizing Itch

      1. Eek! Not good. I live in Brazil and we get tons. Especially in the summer months. They love my daughter. She gets huge red welts from them.

      2. Oh my gosh I can only imagine! My husband traveled to Brazil and Belize years ago and said those were easily the two places in which the skeeters were the worst he has ever experienced!!

  1. Mosquitoes are a real nightmare, and some people seem to be more affected by them than others (including me).Your suffering made a lovely descriptive poem, though, and I hope the bites have died down by now. Did insect repellent not work?

    1. Insect repellent. Ha. Haha. HAHAHA. It really depends on the elements (heat mainly), how much I’m sweating, and whether or not I’m going in and out of a lake. It wasn’t as bad this go around (though I still had a good few dozen bites at the end of our trip) because I swam on a regular basis. Keeping my core body temp down is one of the most effective ways I’ve found to ward the little bastards off.

      1. When I was in Cuba a couple of years ago, I was really badly bitten. The doctor on the hotel site gave me an injection – antibiotic – followed by a course of antihistamine tablets. There were so many mosquitoes on the hotel site they had to spary regularly, usually early morning. Anyway, I laughed at insect repellent, too, because it didn’t work for me.
        On a different note… I nominated you for the Three Quotes Challenge yesterday. (Did the pingback to yourAbout page work?) If you decide to accept the challenge, the rules are on my last post. If not, that’s OK, too. πŸ˜€

      2. Oh my gosh! That is horrible! My worst experience was when we were vacationing in Florida when I was a kid. A hurricane had hit the week before, so the moisture made for a breeding ground!!

        I didn’t get a pingback, but I’ll take a look at your post! Thank you so much!! I’m honored! πŸ˜€

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