Cowboys and Indians

I sat crouched in the grass, honey stalks swaying around me as grasshoppers bounced across my shimmering skin. Pioneer outfit clung to clammy skin, sticky in the late July sun. She was out there, waiting for me to stand, to shoot with her faux bow and arrow.

In her black wig and leather dress, she was the Indian and I, the cowboy. We would call a truce soon, join forces for our mid-day picnic. Then, resume the game of cat and mouse.

The field near our house, days of warm summer games, memories of laughter-filled childhood summers past.

This blog post is part of Charli Mill’s Flash Fiction Challenge issued by Carrot Ranch Communications. June 17, 2015 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that involves a children’s game or rhyme. You can create something new or go with something traditional. You can write with a twist, humor, menace or glee. Hop, skip or jump wherever the prompt leads you.


13 thoughts on “Cowboys and Indians

    1. Thank you! My mother had a side business as a seamstress when my sister and I were growing up. She made us so many fantastic costumes. We would play dress up and make up so many imaginative games as kids! 🙂

  1. We grew up playing cowboys and indians as well. Our fun was enhanced by the fact that we often found arrowheads. Turns out, as I learned later, the area was a sacred site for the Maidu Indians. Thanks for reminding me. –Curt

  2. Such fun times! I remember that I had a pioneer bonnet and as luck would have it, lived near a ranch that still had a huge Conestoga wagon parked at the abandoned bunkhouse. We played out many pioneering games in that wagon! Thanks for sparking the memory!

  3. Lovely story, I see from the comments that playing Indian and cowboy have been common games for many of us. My mom build a nice tent in my garden (in Germany) when I was little and then with braided hair and some feathers I turned into a proud Indian.

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