Smells and Sounds of Summer

He lags behind me,
floppy brown ears
flailing in the wind,
racing to keep up
with my bicycle.
A crazy smile
stretching across
his happy face.
Dog bliss.

Scent of breakfast
still lingers
on my clothes,
that sugary carb smell
of waffle irons toasting.
Mixed with
freshly cut grass,
the sweet of
melting ice cream
from the
neighborhood truck.
The smells of summer.

Stop at the creek,
the bridge the
children are fishing at.
Watching their lines
tangle, their
laughter and cries.
Throwing rocks,
Plunk! a respite
from the lapping of
the flow.
The sounds of summer.

Laying on the soft bank,
panting breaths
sit beside my face.
Savor this day,
this moment of
summertime senses
coming alive in the
breeze, the gentle
late morning sun.

This blog post is part of the Writing Prompt Wednesday challenge issued by Confessions of a Broccoli Addict. Writing Prompt: Summertime: Write a story or poem that includes the following words: summer, ice cream, bicycle, dog, waffle iron.


19 thoughts on “Smells and Sounds of Summer

    1. Thanks Millie! When doing this prompt, I envisioned this perfect little spot in this tiny mountain town about 30 mins from where I live. There is a creek, a swimming hole, a bridge. Such an idyllic summery location! 🙂

  1. Christina Rose, really loved your poem. For me as a dog lover who walks along the beach each morning with a motley crew of walkers and a Border Collie, Old English Sheepdog, Lassie Collie and a German Spitz I could really sense that dog. What a beautiful image.
    The sense of Summer is hard for me to conjure up at the moment on a rather damp, grey day in on the outskirts of Sydney, It’s Winter here but we are still spoilt with some beautiful days..just not today.
    Thanks for coming over and following my blog and having a read. I am looking forward to doing likewise xx Rowena

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