Paying it Forward

She sat on the tailgate, greasy hair plastered to her sad face, shoulders perpetually slumped. I heard them before I saw them. Eight weeks old, yips and squeals echoing from piles of musty towels thrown in the back of her truck, surrounded by her life.

“Want a puppy?” asked the homeless woman.

Declining, I offered instead to buy dog food, other necessities, food for her. Eyes lit up, gratitude spreading across her sullen face. An hour later I returned with bags of groceries, bags of puppy food. 

A simple act of kindness, praying those puppies are safe and loved.

This blog post is part of Charli Mill’s Flash Fiction Challenge issued by Carrot Ranch Communications. June 10, 2015 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about an animal rescue. It can be a typical dog or cat rescue from the pound, or helping a critter less fortunate. Go where the prompt leads you.


17 thoughts on “Paying it Forward

    1. Thank you! This could easily have been a short story. I’m really enjoying this prompt challenge. It really challenges me to write as much in as few words (99) as possible. A great exercise! 🙂

  1. That gratitude, the unfolding of suspicion through the kindness of a stranger is one of the best kinds – unforced as it us unexpected. Beautifully conveyed in this flash

    1. Thanks, Geoff! This was certainly a new experience for me. It was the first time I had ever gone truly, far out of my way to help someone less fortunate. It was a really great feeling 🙂

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