Saturday Songs

Devil sun pushes
through blocking drapes,
slowly heats cave
of weekend slumber.

Window cracked,
coo of neighborhood
doves and chirps, trills
of nesting birds –
a morning melody to
slowly awaken.

Crisp of early breeze
warms, shifts. Kicks
throw from end of bed,
sticking leg out,
savoring the cooling
of whirling ceiling fan.

Saturday morning songs,
already yearning.
Counting down the
days to be
calmed by your
soft snoring lullaby.


5 thoughts on “Saturday Songs

  1. Lovely descriptions of the rousing morning and the ‘Devil sun.’ (I can’t say he comes to visit Britain all too often!) I love the image of the leg sticking out in search of the cool. Very well written, Christina. πŸ™‚

      1. Tell him to come to Britain for his holidays. We’re still waiting for some nice weather to start here. All we seem to get is wind and rain. πŸ˜€

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