Early Morning Visitor

Tired fingers tap black, worn keys. Heavy with rest, trying to awaken as four shots course through my veins. Relaxed reaction time, too early for stimulating situations. 

You dangle, slowly creeping down the thin life line you created. Inch by inch, lowering yourself closer. Curiosity? Leg by leg. Trapeze artist of nature at its best. Somersaulting through cool morning air. Out of the corner of my eye, I spy you. A foot away from my sleepy eyed face, still waking from the night. 

Shrieking and cursing, chair flies as I push myself back from my desk. Heart pounding, radiating up through my throat. Guttural, fleeting fear shivers from head to toe. Fight or Flight? Fight. Knee-jerk reaction grabs tissue paper weapon, instantly crush, slaughter the massive daddy, the early morning visitor who just had to say hello. 

Certainly awake now.


11 thoughts on “Early Morning Visitor

  1. I had a spiderling crawl OUT OF MY HAIR and let itself down on a strand of silk right in front of my eye at work once. It was a harmless little thing but it was still unnerving because I had no idea where I had picked it up or how long it had been crawling around on my head before it decided to make its descent.

    1. OMGGGG!!! I would have given myself a heart attack!

      See that is the thing. Rationally, we know that they are harmless. But it is the shock, the way those little bastards startle us, that creepy crawly feeling; THAT is what makes me want to insta-smush. And I must say, I enjoy it 😉

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