Enlisting Blogger’s Advice!!

Alright my fellow bloggers, I need your advice. I really enjoyed last month’s A-Z Challenge and am already missing the routine of daily/regular writing prompts. I had so much more fun this year versus last. I think this was partly because I selected a theme and stuck to it, wrote every day as instructed, and really focused on committing myself to the challenge versus half-assing it as I did on more than a few days last year. It was productive and successful, and I don’t want to lose that momentum. 

I am thoroughly enjoying having more time to focus on creative writing (poetry, short fiction, and my novels) and am eagerly looking forward to getting back into the groove with a local writing group, but I find that having a regular “assignment” of some kind keeps me accountable and prevents me from falling into a funk, whether that be writer’s block or pure boredom with my writing.

Are there any challenges or prompts that you participate in that you’d suggest? I had a few recommendations last month from various bloggers throughout the challenge. The ones that I’ve found that seem appealing are “The Daily Post” and “Friday Fictioneers.” I’m still up in the air if I want to do daily or weekly. I suppose I could participate in a daily prompt challenge and do a post every other day or some modified version.



58 thoughts on “Enlisting Blogger’s Advice!!

  1. yea I usually go to daily post as well for some ideas …I like how you can randomly select any topic they have had…also there are prompts on twitter that help me in writing as well…some prompts I follow are the fieryverse or heartsoup there. 🙂 Sometimes I pick a new word I have never used and go from there or go with my current feeling and just write without any specific end just to get going…Hope it helps a bit 🙂

    1. I like that approach, where you can select from any topic versus having to write on one particular topic. Today’s for example (for the Daily Post) was “You, the Sandwich” and write about a dish a restaurant would name after you. Umm… Next please?

      I’ll check out fieryverse and heartsoup! I suppose I don’t have to fully participate (links and pingbacks and all that bother), but can just go to X site for daily inspiration and prompts, and can do my own thing from there. Thanks for the input!!

  2. I really enjoy the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompts. I don’t participate every week, but it’s great fun and an interesting writing exercise.

  3. For my poetry, I like to try my best to think outside of the box. I get three hats, and fill them with words from different categories. One hat is for random nouns. One hat is for random colors, and the last hat is for random verbs. I pick one out of each hat and then write a poem that combines all three in some way. I try to do this at least once a week to keep the creative juices flowing. Last week the words I came up with were breath, purple, and to learn. It was difficult, but fun 🙂

    1. That is a fantastic idea!!! I like the method of creating your own prompts with words that you select, that you put in the hat (or make a list out of or whatnot). I also like that this keeps you “thinking outside the box,” keeps things interesting and keeps you from getting bored with topics! Thanks for the feedback!! 🙂

  4. Guilt is my motivation. If I do not write I feel that I am wasting time. So when I find myself on Facebook or another social time sucking site. I go to hellopoetry.com and write even a short poem. Some need exercise I need to write.

    1. Ha! Yes, guilt can be the master motivator for sure!!

      I’ll check out hellopoetry.com. I think that it is in times that I need that extra boost that I want/need a prompt. Your method of going to a prompt site like that when you find yourself being sucked into other time wasting activities is a great idea!

      I’m really enjoying reading through your blog, by the way! So happy I came across your lovely writing! 🙂

  5. You should try writing flash fiction with us over at the Carrot Ranch http://carrotranch.com/2015/05/06/these-racial-earthquakes/. A challenge should be up tomorrow. It’s only 99 words.
    I post writing prompts every Wednesday on my blog. Up until this month they have just been prompts alone, but now I am adding my own response(s) and asking others to join. If you want to check out my prompts, here’s the link: https://broccoliaddict.wordpress.com/tag/writing-prompt/ Maybe something will inspire you.

    1. I’ve seen your posts that you’ve been doing and I’ve definitely enjoyed reading them!! I’ll take a look at your prompt page for sure!

      I started following Carrot Ranch during the challenge. I’ll poke around on the blog more and will definitely take a look at the flash fiction challenge tomorrow!

      One of the things I’ve been trying to do more of, particularly since the challenge is to do more flash/short fiction. It allows me to be more creative than poetry (typically) and it pushes me out of my comfort zone. So this challenge may be just the ticket!! 😀

      Thanks so much for your advice!!

      1. No problem. I started taking part in the Carrot Ranch challenges at the end of January and now it feels like home there. Charli always has a nice way of summing up your work, which is an added bonus.

      2. Oh nice!! Any feedback/critique is always appreciated 🙂

        I’m looking at your prompts and I really like them! How does participating in your prompts work? We link your site in our blog post?

      3. Christina, I don’t really have a formula thought up yet as I wasn’t sure if anyone would participate. You can write something on your blog and then add the link in the comments on mine or link up to my blog or just add it in the comments in mine. Whatever way works best for you. If I get a group of people participating, I may start doing a round-up post. I’ve already got one reply to today’s prompt, so it’s a start.

      4. Ahh gotcha. Seems like that is quasi-similar to the rules I was reading on Carrot Ranch. I’ll keep you posted if/when I start writing along! 🙂

  6. I do a lot of LindaGHill’s prompts, like Stream of Consciousness Saturday, and One-Liner Wednesday. I read a lot of the daily prompt and Wordless Wednesday posts, too, so those must be popular.

    1. I’ve had the Stream of Consciousness prompt recommended a few times now! Must be a good one! I certainly like the sound of it, it’s a type of writing I don’t typically partake in unless I’m journaling so it’d be a great challenge 🙂

  7. The same people who do the Daily Post also host something called Writing 101 from time to time, which connects you to other writers and also allows experienced writers to give you free feedback on how to improve your writing skills.

    I also really enjoy doing flash fiction contests. Friday Fictioneers is fun and connects you to many people, though there is no prize involved. Flash Friday (www.flashfriday.wordpress.com) hosts some great contests, and if you win you get a cool badge, your own author’s bio page, and sometimes even a prize! A smaller flash contest is the Thursday 360, over at http://www.whitneylschwartz.com. Finally, there is a flash contest specifically for Christian writers at http://www.christianflashweekly.wordpress.com.

    Sounds like you have a lot to explore… have fun!

      1. I will very likely take that approach to writing based off of prompts. It would be nice to have somewhere (or multiple places depending on my mood) to go when I need that extra push to writing something different.

  8. There are many prompts offered by the WordPress team. Subscribe to their feed — I forget how, but if you search around WordPress, you’ll find it. I did a few in the past. They are a lot of fun, and a good way to meet like-minded bloggers.

  9. The Daily Post is one I like, I think that’s been mentioned, though. I also like “A Writer’s Path” by Ryan Lanz, he has writing prompts and other good stuff. And there’s lots of great prompt accounts on twitter, just do a Google search. Then there’s all the writing memes, some of which have been mentioned by I’m thinking of doing Part Time Monster’s Weekend Coffee Share, and I’ve also been thinking of starting up my own. Lots of great stuff out there! Do a post on what you find that you like. 🙂

  10. I post (almost) wordless Wednesday pictures every week – I try to go for unusual, inspiring, amusing or creative ones for anyone looking for a creative prompt. I’m quite casual about it, no routine followers – although no reason for you not to use it regularly – but the odd blogger posts the odd story or picture that has evolved from it.

  11. I am still new to the whole blogging universe, but like you I have asked myself those questions.
    I have come across two events (but have not participated yet) which are called “Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers” and “Mondays Finish the Story”.
    I think that I’ll sign up for blogging 101, but maybe not the June edition.

    1. Oh I won’t!! This long list of advice and links has proven to be incredibly helpful not just for me, but for others who had posed the same question! I’m glad you found it useful! 🙂

  12. I totally relate to what you’re saying about the theme and focus, but, like you, I searched for prompts, and …. Well, I’ve created hundreds for students over the years and found hundreds more, but …. I never want to follow any!! Just one more form of procrastination? The A to Z challenge also got me drafting posts ahead of time. I think my goal is to collect ideas each day but start writing a few in advance. Haven’t managed to do it yet, however!!

  13. I like the Weekend Coffee Share #weekendcoffeeshare at Parttimemonster.wordpress.com It is a weekly feature where everyone has a chance to virtually sit down over a cup of your favorite beverage and catch up on the week’s happenings. Not exactly a writer’s prompt, but I do find it relaxing and interesting to see what everyone has been up to 🙂

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