Running from Angst


Pushing away all angst,
all dread, I run.
Running down mulch covered
paths, slipping on ponderosa carpets.
Black cloud lingers,
threatening to catch up.

Lungs heaving, constricting,
struggling to keep pace,
legs pounding earth
faster, faster.
Make it to the finish line,
then you can breathe.

Rocks slide underneath,
thrown aside by straining
muscles, thudding feet.
Sickening clench in the pit of
my stomach churns,
crawling to escape.

Collapsing on the riverbank,
stones dig into knees,
hands pressed against
thighs, I gasp.
In, out. In, out.
Slowly regulates, thoughts return
from pain of distraction.

Tears stream down
red cheeks, puffy from exertion.
Wilting into seated fetal,
arms wrapped around legs.
Staring at the river I run to,
aching to be a part of it –
drifting free.


7 thoughts on “Running from Angst

  1. Moving. I agree with the breathless tempo. There is a sense of building anticipation of the finish too. Each physical detail is telling as welling, like clenched fists and rocks underfoot.

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback! I was trying to emulate that evolving mental energy and the emotions that you feel in a stress run, but didn’t realize that I had also honed in on the physical aspects of that until after I proof read it! Pretty cool how that happens! 🙂

      I’m reading through your blog and I’m really enjoying your writing!! 🙂

      1. Thanks Christina, I’ve realized that I was the butterfly in the cocoon relative to writing and speaking my truth. Writing has brought my wings to life.

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