Yawn!!! Bored with your Writing?

Day 25 – “Y” Yawn!

Boredom. That feeling when we have things to write, we have topics, we have deadlines, but we just aren’t feeling it. We are all familiar with the ever-present doom that is Writer’s Block, trying and trying to write something, anything, and yet nothing but a blank page and a blinking cursor stares back at you. Boredom is another beast entirely.

I deal with writing-related boredom all the time, both plugging away at my novels or blogging as well as writing articles and documents at work, and frequently have to pull myself out of my funk. When writing comprises such a huge portion of what you do all day, it can get tedious at times, even when you have the most exciting of topics! 

I find boredom to be more frustrating than writer’s block. There are a number of things that lead up to boredom, which in turn leads to my being a master procrastinator, rushing to get X project done before the closing bell. I know what is going to happen, I know exactly what I’m going to/need to write about, and for whatever reason, that particular topic, scene, or blog post is in no way exciting to me that day.

Some days I simply want to be doing anything other than writing: hiking, reading, sipping some margaritas with my girlies. I know I should be writing, I know I want to be writing, but I just cant find my mojo and find myself aimlessly scrolling through social media, looking up random recipes, and planning vacations I know I will never take.

So what to do? Taking frequent breaks always seems to work for me, although I definitely need to do it WAY more often. When you sit at a computer writing employee handbooks and job descriptions all day (as much as I enjoy it, and it does pay the bills) you need to look up every once in a while and step outside to breathe in some fresh air.

Mixing things up helps as well. After taking a break, rather than jumping right back into novel writing, I’ll whip out a poem or a blog post, or I’ll write some fiction on lunch in between tech or business writing spurts. Forcing myself to work with no distractions and total concentration is another great way to force myself back into the groove. No music. No internet. No conversation. Nothing but the writing project at hand. Once done, then I get a reward (whether that be a glass of wine, a nice evening walk, or… chocolate).

What do you do to ensure you don’t hit periods of boredom with your writing?


4 thoughts on “Yawn!!! Bored with your Writing?

  1. good question Christina, i do many of the same things you do …i really feel getting fresh air and being out in nature helps me a lot with it …clears my funk so to speak hehe …great post and thanks for sharing!

  2. I love your take on yawn.
    Even though I just pushed myself to get back into writing I sometimes am bored, which does ruin my imagination. I just spend useless time opening and closing sites that I barley look at…

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