Tissue Paper Petals


Lilly petals twitch,
tissue paper sways gently,
sprouting among
dew soaked blades.
Wild bursts of vibrancy.

Cottonwood fluff clings
to mud caked boots,
tar-like sticky.
Inhaling the white,
sniffles from
the instant drip.

Smoky blue skies tainted
with the deep grey of rain,
hustle to finish.
Too late.

Pushing through
grass-filled fields,
snails come out with the rain,
striped spirals, snot
marks the trial.

Waterlogged shoes
heavier with each step.
Peels off dripping socks
at home.
Wringing them out,
I smirk at
wrinkled toes.


5 thoughts on “Tissue Paper Petals

      1. I understand. My backyard has been underwater for a few days now. I love thunderstorms but we need better drainage 🙂

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