Writer’s Block – Pushing Past the Burnout

Day 23 – β€œW” Writer’s Block

Well isn’t this fitting. I’m finding myself at a complete loss for motivation as it pertains to writing. Monday is already proving to kick me in the ass, as Mondays tend to do.

After a long weekend away, visiting my sister in her new cottage in Eastern Oregon for her birthday, I’m back at home and find myself crazy busy both at work and in my personal life, scrambling to catch up.

On this day for the A-Z blogging challenge, I selected “Writer’s Block” for “W” and completely forgot that I had recently written a post on this very subject. In the essence of time, I’m going to reblog this original post, with the questions posed still applicable:

“How do you push past phases of writers block or periods of self doubt? Do you have any routines you engage in when you find yourself lacking motivation and ideas to help push you out of your writing funk?”

As I will be responding to comments, and am writing a little blurb on this topic for my reblog, I figured that I will still be meeting the “quota” for writing SOMETHING today for the challenge. πŸ™‚

Happy Monday!!! (Happy once I pump some coffee into my veins….)

The Wordy Rose

It happens to the best of us. We go into a new project with the very best of intentions, with a plan, an outline, loads of superb ideas, some shiny new pens, and the lines of a perfectly blank notebook or the bright white screen of your computer staring back at you, begging to be filled. I have always been a bit of a binger when it comes to writing. I will outline in a java induced fervor in every free, waking moment I have; anxiously waiting for the clock to strike 5 so I can rush home and lock myself into my office, surrounded by shelves of books, piles of notes, and pictures tacked to the hutch of my desk, the contents of which scream out at me, inspiring the most creative part of myself to finish writing their story. Β 

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4 thoughts on “Writer’s Block – Pushing Past the Burnout

  1. A month of daily blogging drains all creative thought out of any mind. You’re not alone. I’m just about ready to drop. πŸ™‚ Coffee does help, but I would say wait until the end of the month, take a break to get re-inspired, and thoughts will probably start flowing really well. These periods are perfectly normal for the creative types.

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