Pseudonyms – To Use or Not to Use?

Day 22 – “V” V**** – My Last Name

Ahhh pseudonyms.  I have been hemming and hawing over what I want to do with regards to the name I tack onto my work going forward. I had been using my maiden name up until I started this blog about a year ago. As much as I still love it, my maiden name was German, difficult to pronounce and even more difficult for others to spell correctly. After I got married, I was using my married name, but have always thought about dropping the use one of my two last names all together, and simply using my first and middle name: Christina Rose.

I think it works. I did a name search of “Christina Rose” and the most popular individual that came up was the artist of a series of adult coloring books (different “industry” all together so no competition there), a little known actress, and a porn star (different spelling of the first name). So yeah… No competition. 😉

My biggest motivator in dropping the last name was for anonymity. I don’t mind sharing my personal email address with other writers should they want to communicate outside blogging, and for the most part am a fairly open person. I’m not, and most likely will never be, famous to the point that I’ll have to worry about stalkers. (Though, I have a few exes I worry about from time to time…) The desire for privacy is more motivated by the desire to protect my family, my husband being a very private individual.

For those of you that have been following my blog from the beginning, you may remember I had my last name posted, but I recently changed that to my first and middle name shortly after updating my “About” page. It just seemed like the right time to do some much needed blog housekeeping.

Thoughts? Does Christina Rose work?

What are your opinions on pseudonyms? Do you use a pseudonym of some kind? Is it a completely fabricated name, does it hold meaning to you, or is it a modified version of your own name?


31 thoughts on “Pseudonyms – To Use or Not to Use?

  1. For whatever reason, I like the Christina Rose A LOT. You’ve done the research, tweaked your blog. I’d say it is a done deal and uniquely YOU. I used my maiden name on the new novel to further honor my parents who the book is dedicated to. It becomes personal and needs no apology. Your writing will now be energized and particular. I say, it is a done deal.

  2. I think Christina Rose works. Rose is a surname, as well as a first name. I think you’re right to give it lots of thought. I started publishing under my married name and now regret it. I wish I had used my maiden name, for privacy reasons and because I have an interesting maiden name. Now I feel like it would be too hard to change.

  3. Christina Rose is a really good name for a writer. I like the sound of it and it’s an easy one to remember. Pen names/pseudonyms are used by a lot of people, and for various reasons. My name (Millie Thom) is a pen name, formed from my parents’ names of Millicent and Thomas (Millie and Tom). I just kept the ‘h’ in the Thom because I found other Millie Tom’s online. The only reason I use apen name is because my married name, and my own first name, are totally boring – although my editor insists the surname is ‘joyful’!

  4. If someone wanted to find my last name on my blog, it wouldn’t be super difficult. It’s there. But you’d have to do a bit of digging. But I primarily just go by my first name online.

  5. An interesting conundrum. I like Christina Rose, but can you get the domain name? You may well want it in the future if you don’t have it already. As for porn stars I have a friend who’s a children’s writer who after publication found she had the same name as a very internet friendly porn star. This was a real worry since children would be googling her. I know your situation is different but are you sure her name isn’t too close for you to get muddled and it cause any problems or concerns for you?

    1. That happened to a book blogger I contacted! I was trying to get a link to her website and found a “nerdy” Russian porn star. Scary stuff!

    2. No… I initially tried to see if “ChristinaRose” was available as a domain for this blog but alas, I had to figure out something clever for my blog name. I could do something like “christinaroseauthor” for a domain name down the road.

      I was concerned about the porn star factor as well, but since it is a different spelling of Christina, it didn’t seem to be an issue.

      1. Glad to hear the porn star shouldn’t be an issue. The domain name with author may well work – gone are the days when you googled and always got the domain you named!

      2. There are so many people who just buy names and never use them or buy them to sell on. I feel the same about @bekkihill on twitter. It was taken over 5 years ago when I signed up and she has tweeted 4 times.

  6. Christina Rose sounds nice, especially if you plan to write romance or fantasy. I use a pseudonym (stalkers are a real thing in my life), but I kind of wish I could use my real name (same initials as Alex Hurst, but Alex Hurst is a pen name) since I think my real name is cooler. 🙂 Oh well!

  7. Christina Rose is a great name 🙂
    I used to know someone who had lots of stories published in women’s magazines. She started out with a pseudonym but later wrote under her own name and wished she’d done so from the beginning.
    My problem with Sarah Potter is that there are an awful lot of us and two that are in the public eye — one that writes non-fiction books on business stuff (I think) and one that’s a cricket reporter. If I end up published, I might have to use my middle initial in my name as well, just to clarify that I’m a different person from the others. Of course, I also share a surname with a famous boy wizard!

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