Writing Utensils Galore!!!

Day 21 – “U” Utensils

I have already admitted to my slight issue with impulsively buying and collecting notebooks and journals. Equally guilty am I of purchasing pens. My collection has been steadily growing over the past few… decades.

Some of the many... many handfuls, cups, and boxes full of pens scattered throughout my house.
Some of the many… many handfuls, cups, and boxes full of pens scattered throughout my house.

Where some girls collect shoes, I collect books, notebooks, and pens. I have every kind of writing utensil imaginable. Gel, rollerball, felt tip, fountain, the list goes on. Lately, my pen of preference has been Foray’s felt tip pens. The pen I use varies depending on my mood, what I’m writing (journaling, a letter, outlines, a shopping list, etc.), and how I hold my pen. I know, it’s odd. I alternate between holding my pen between my index and middle finger, and index and ring finger. Different pens work better for different hand holding methods.

I KNOW I’m not the only one out there battling this disease. What do your collections of writing utensils look like? What is your preferred weapon of choice?

Happy writing! 🙂


23 thoughts on “Writing Utensils Galore!!!

  1. My collection of writing utensils consists of the three expensive pens I’ve stored in a rarely used clutch, which one day, I will take out and place in a pretty jar, knowing that no one will steal them. Currently, and for about two years now, I only buy all white pens. The white pens are mine. Everyone takes my pens. Pens are not safe here. Of course, I buy pens for the whole family, but they steal mine anyway. But, since they’re white, I know they’re mine and I reclaim them 🙂
    I have a clay-molded pen that my friend True made me, (it’s yellow, with paw prints and a gray cat perched atop it — the image of my beloved kitty RIP) and I keep it next to me. No one is allowed to touch it. If anyone reaches for it, I scream shrilly. I wish I was kidding. It takes a dead cat to keep people from stealing my pens.

  2. I used to be really bad for this. I had soooo many pens. Now I mostly use the Uniball Signo 207. I love its grip and the smoothness of it gliding across the paper.

  3. My compulsion is that once I have a pen and start to use it I hang onto it until it is completely used up…in addition, like you I love to collect them, I probably have hundreds. 🙂

  4. This is such a creative post and a great way to store your treasured writing supplies! Mine are stored in a variety of old cracked cups, or in one case, the terra cotta flower pot my grandson painted in kindergarten (he’s now 16 – but the pot has made every one of my many moves and still sits prominently displayed atop one of my desks.)

    Many of the pens have green ink, the color I decided was best when I graded student papers with hand-written comments. It was one of the things students didn’t want me to stop doing – they found the comments helpful and user-friendly. (Writing in green ink actually helped me focus on affirming their strengths and addressing missing pieces by asking questions or suggesting helpful resources…). Thank you for creating this opportunity to remember 🙂

  5. Ever since I was in college, Ive held pens between my index finger and middle finger. It’s so much less stressful than the thumb and index finger deal. It’s good to know someone else who does that.

  6. While I don’t collect pens per se, I am a stickler to holding on to my pens until I use them up. I am one of those annoying people that will hunt you down until you give me back my pen I let you use and you didn’t bother to return. I really liked classic BIC pens for a while, but I used them up too quickly (as in they were out of ink within a month or two), so I started buying a bit more expensive kind that I’ve been using a year now.

  7. Pencils, they are all mechanical pencils. In my youth, I didn’t want to write anything I couldn’t erase. Word processing has solved that problem, but I still collect pencils for that odd moment when my laptop isn’t near. My wife sometimes wonders why I am always buying pencils when I already have so many. Or why I just don’t replace the leads. 🙂 –Curt

  8. I have similar pots and boxes full of pens and pencils to you. A couple of pens are expensive Rollerballs but most are cheaper ball points of ditterent colours, with a few gel pens thrown in as well. I haven’t used a fountain pen for years, but still have one hiding in a desk drawer somewhere. 🙂

  9. I have an old orange, metal mechanical pencil my grandpa gave me, and I love it. But, I keep it safe and use a keyboard. 😉 I’m a fan of the cheap plastic BIC pens with the built-in finger “cushion.” I write with my index and middle.

  10. I too have a vast collection of pens, but I don’t buy them. Staying in hotels so often means the complimentary pen in my room seems to disappear every day. I liberate them from every place I can, and still rue the day the English banks put their pens on a chain.

  11. I will admit I have been known to keep a pen that feels right, has a point on it I like, and just works. If I must give such a pen back, I write the name of it down, and go looking for it in the store. Because I write on my computer, I am only tempted to ‘borrow’ a great pen occasionally. If that pen turned out to be one of your white ones, you would catch me out and say, “Stepheny, I want the pen you borrowed….back!”

  12. Like you, I have cups and boxes full of assorted pens, pencils, and markers of various colours. There was a time I preferred to do everything in pencil and have the pencils and erases to show for it. Now it’s all about gel pens. I mix up the colour based on my mood. My notes page summarizing possible posts for the A-Z Challenge is a rainbow of scribbles that has evolved over the past 2 months. LOL – I should take a photo of it 🙂

  13. I am a die hard fountain pen user. I have several that I use regularly. My favorite is my Shaeffer Ferrari pen with a fine nib. Second is probably my new Lamy calligraphy pen with the italic nib. NAturally, I love trying out all kinds of inks as well. I love writing in shades of brown. And I love writing on nice notebook paper, usually Rhodia or Clairfontaine. Pens and ink and paper are so fun.

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