Mother Earth: The Greatest of All Inspiration

Small stones dig into the arches of my feet, free of boots instantly after reaching the pebbly shoreline. Pack thrown to the ground, hands on hips, I stand in the crisp spring breeze, chest heaving from exertion. Gulping deep breaths, mist rising from the flowing river creeps up my nostrils, down my throat, coating my insides with rejuvenating fresh.

Snow melt wraps around my ankles, the icy knives digging their way between ligaments, bones, through muscle. Chilling to the core, the pain I love to endure. Splashing handfuls on my salty face, cleansing pores, awakening senses.

Closing my eyes, I listen to the still of nothingness. The distant low hum of cars, voices, sirens. Gone. The lapping stream, the high trill of a thrush, the pleasant chirps of sparrows. Crescendo of nature’s melody, a pleasant relief to my weary ears.

Fresh spring buds reflect against moss covered rocks, everything glows a brilliant emerald green. Swirling around stones, cascading over driftwood, breathing new life, changing. Sitting on the bank, I dread leaving. Part of my heart remains here, trapped under the freeing depths of nature’s loving arms.

Happy Earth Day!!!



12 thoughts on “Mother Earth: The Greatest of All Inspiration

      1. I really envy you that walk! It’s gorgeous. Around here is just flat farmland with an odd few copses and streams. Lincolnshire is almost all flat – excellent for growing potatoes though! lol

    1. Aww thank you!!! I would have to say this is my favorite type of writing (both to read and write); writing that is descriptive and illustrates a place through lyrical prose and imagery. 🙂

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