What Inspires You?

Day 9 – “I” Inspiration

We all have something. Something that, when exposed to, inspires us to hit the ground running and write something magical. Something that speaks directly to our creative soul, urging us to find a scrap of paper, a phone, a computer, anything, to get those thoughts out and preserved in some way. There are a number of things that inspires me to scribble incessantly, but my top three inspirational factors are: people, places, and experiences. 


There are certain people that you randomly meet that make you want to write. I remember a train ride to Seattle about a year ago; a girl sat down next to me and instantly started talking about a book I was reading. This transitioned into hours of conversation about her life, her history, and her future plans. A random discussion that inspired to me write a poem about her, this memory one that stuck with me for some reason.

In addition to random conversations with strangers, there is a core group of people I turn to when I need some extra motivation. Fellow writers, bloggers, and literary nerds primarily comprise this group and get where I’m coming from with regards to my goals, my struggles, and my love for writing. Meetups at coffee shops with these wonderful souls typically leads to an evening chained to my desk, the creative juices re-flowing.


As I mentioned in yesterday’s post on Home Offices and Writing Nooks, I find the writing nook I’ve created for myself to be especially inspiring. However, I do need to break away from time to time and find that the great outdoors is typically just the ticket. There is nothing like taking my writing materials to a glorious spot along the river, to grassy meadow nestled in a shady cove of trees, or to plop myself down on a rock overlooking a favorite lake on a backpacking trip.

The current view from my writing nook. The dogwood are in bloom and staring out the window makes me want to write something magical.
The current view from my writing nook. The dogwood tree is in bloom; gazing out the window makes me want to write something creative and enchanting.

Aside from my writing space and a number of secret hideaways I’ve found outside, public places can be equally inspiring. I absolutely love sitting in a cafe or restaurant, listening in on other people’s conversations, taking notes, and referring back to them later, often rewriting these observations as part of a scene or morphing it into a shorter piece or poem.

(We all do it….)


My best, most honest, and true writing comes from my personal experiences. Things that have happened to me, things that I’ve observed. I often rewrite and tweak certain scenes and people to either make it more interesting, or to protect the individual and their anonymity.  Experiences are a vital component in authentic writing.

I try to get out and do things so I can write about them based on facts and personal experiences versus just assuming. I always have a small notebook in my purse, I want to make certain that wherever I am, I have the opportunity to jot down notes about my experiences and observations. I typically head home immediately after a particularly inspiring experience, writing it out in more detail so as to not forget or leave anything out.

What inspires you? What excites your inner creative gremlin? 🙂


11 thoughts on “What Inspires You?

  1. My inspiration is so random. It seems to come from anywhere and everywhere.
    … but more often than not, it’s when my head is quiet while I’m doing something else – a walk, doing groceries, having a shower. It’s not unusual for me to wake up in the middle of the night with sentences flowing through my head. I HAVE to get up and start writing.

  2. My inspiration comes from observing. Whether it’s people watching or reading the news or staring off into space. Anything can inspire me and when I’m feeling uninspired, I just start paying attention.

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