Home Offices and Writing Nooks

Day 8 – “H” Home Offices and Spaces

Everyone has a favorite place to write in their home. For some, it is a home office, a library, or a cozy corner desk. For others, it is curling up on a comfy sofa, laptop at the ready and a steaming cup of tea in hand. For those living in an area where you won’t get drenched with glorious rain as soon as you step outside, it could be sitting on a porch swing or table, gazing at a beautiful landscape with the birds chirping in the background.

We all have a space. For me, I have created a writing haven in our guest room. I have multiple bookshelves lined with classics and favorites, a desk with a huge hutch also lined with books, and twinkle lights set to create a perfect ambiance for my creative gremlin.

My happy place! :-)
My happy place! 🙂

What about you? What kind of writing nook or home office space have you created for yourself when you stay in to write? Do you find that creating a space helps you? If so, what elements do you “need” in your space to help you get inspired and motivated to write?


35 thoughts on “Home Offices and Writing Nooks

  1. I tend to write while sitting on the sofa so that my wife and I can at least be in the same room. Unfortunately this doesn’t always turn out to the most productive way of doing things, but it generally works for me. I do like your mood lighting by the way, I might have to try that to see if it helps inspire me. 🙂

  2. I like my desk where my desktop computer resides and that is where I blog from. But I like to do my creative writing on my laptop, which I set up on my desk in from of the desktop monitor. I wish it were a little more cozy, seeing your spot I’m not sure why you ever leave, but it works for me.

  3. Trying to get mine cleaned up so there are fewer distractions 🙂 Right now, it’s just a table in the corner with my computer and “stuff” on it.

    1. Just checked it out! What a fantastic desk! I can see why it’s your happy place, such amazing images and wonderful memories you get to gaze at and remember every time you sit down! 🙂

  4. My husband and I both have desks with desk top computers on opposite walls of a guest bedroom. It’s the only place I write. I can’t write on a lap top or an ipad.

  5. Our library works best for me. I love to sit in my lounge chair and watch the wildlife while I write. In fact, I am writing about it today! In the evenings I sit with Peggy but work on projects that don’t require the same lever of concentration that writing does— photography is an example. –Curt

  6. Love this! I also have a little space in my guest bedroom where I’m my most creative. I’m actually sitting there right now! 🙂 I need noise to stay focused, so I usually have some type of music playing in the background.

    1. This is our guest bedroom too haha. It serves multiple functions as a guest bedroom (bed is to the right of that desk) my writing space/office and a library (there are two over stuffed bookshelves behind where I was standing haha).

      I agree with you regarding noise. I have to have music in the background as well.

  7. Currently (as in for the A to Z challenge) I tend to write anywhere in my apartment, it is quite small so no specific place, then sometimes I write on public transportation as I teach German on a freelance basis and public transportation gets me to some of my students. I love using a notebook to write, but a piece of paper and pen will do when I do not have my notebook with me or no computer. And when inspiration hits me and I have nothing else but my phone, or am laying on my bed, then I use my phone to write down my thoughts.
    Years back I sometimes went to write in a café.

    1. My phone has saved me a number of times when I find myself without a computer or notebook or scrap of paper!! You sound like me, you write wherever you can find the space at that moment.

      Thanks for stopping by my blog, I’m perusing your’s right now and love your writing! My father is from Germany! 🙂

  8. My current office is in a fort made of plastic bins, right next to the litter boxes in the basement. It’s very glamorous.

    BUT. We’re going to be looking at buying our first house soon, and I’m going to try to find one where I can have an office that doubles as a guest room. SO EXCITING!

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