Bittersweet Beauty

Beautiful crocus sprouting up in our garden!

Sun breaks through
deep smoky blue,
momentary shine
between incessant wet.
Muggy pressure
looms, cool air creeps,
imminent drench.

Blossoms push,
velvety buds droop
under gusts and
pummeling rain.
Tissue paper petals
fly, stick to damp
skin. Gummy yellow,
orange pollen

Wellies stick, cling
to mulch and mud.
Fighting through
the annual ill
to savor the spring –
evening walks tainted.
Eyes water, stuffy shut.
Sneezing, sniffling,
throat burns.

Worth the misery,
damp chill that
brings new. Witness
to change, the
bittersweet beauty of
death and birth
from one season
to next.


3 thoughts on “Bittersweet Beauty

    1. Thanks!! I grew up in the Willamette Valley and never had allergies as a kid. After high school I moved to Florida for a few years and when I came back, that blessed immunity was GONE. Ugh.

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