Anxious Adjustment

Tightening in the back
of my throat threatens.
Swallow quickly to
avoid the warning,
foreboding familiarity.

Stomach churns,
twisting behind the
curvature of ribs,
clenched muscles.
Red wine drips,
soothe the white knuckled
half moons imprinted
on palms.

Possibility of change,
stressors grow and build.
Uncharted territory,
tension consumes,
impending gloom.

Trees should bend in the wind,
in the face of
a coming storm.
Not snap, break.
Anxious, I cut it down
at the base.
Avoidance the
only release.


4 thoughts on “Anxious Adjustment

  1. Good description of the emotion involved when facing a problem. Thinking of myself, avoidance works sometimes. I’ve solved a few problems that way. But they usually come back to bite me. 🙂 –Curt

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