Amber Ice


Glimmer and glisten,
ice crept in, coating
brilliant red,
orange, gold
in cocoon.
Freezing. Snapping.

Encased in chill,
sleeping through glass
shattering sound
of branch, ice
hitting pavement.

Street lamps glowed
through heavy,
laden limbs.
Soft amber of night
kissing bare skin.

Morning sun crept through
the thick grey,
leaves dripping,
soggy mush to remain.

My beautiful corner of the country experienced our first ice storm of the season last night! I went on a fabulous walk right before bed, savoring the stunning icy landscape that was laid out in front of me. Trees, bushes, roses, and anything else the ice could touch was slowly growing in size by the ice that was encasing it all. Everything was glowing in the most brilliant shade of golden amber as the streetlights hit the ice, reflecting the gorgeous colors of fall. Early this morning, the ice was already starting to drip, but not until I captured a few stunning pictures of this gorgeous early winter storm!

Happy weekending everyone! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Amber Ice

    1. Thank you! I lived in Florida for a few years but ended up moving back to Oregon, so I understand where you are coming from with regards to relatively unchanging weather! I absolutely love the changing seasons here. There each are unique and beautiful, and there is always so much to write about! The best inspiration! 🙂

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