Ambiance – The Importance of Setting

It is officially NaNoWriMo! I spent the weekend scribbling away, in a happy daze surrounded by the world my novel sucked me into. I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of writing daily, and love the discipline that comes with participating in these events. My happy writing place is the writing nook I have created in my office at home; my desk stacked with books pertaining to my novel (like genres I’ve been studying, research books, etc.) and the countless notebooks I have been outlining away in. Adorned with candles and twinkle lights, I have created the perfect ambiance to ignite my imaginative soul.ย 

My happy place. :-)
My happy place. ๐Ÿ™‚

As I prepare to embark on a weekend writing retreat for NaNoWriMo on the beautifully inspiring Oregon Coast, I will be packing with me a plethora of items to help set the mood that is conducive for writing while away from home. What settings do you write best in? Are you the kind of writer who can plop their computer down anywhere, plug in some earbuds, and are good to go? Or do you need just the right place and itemsย to set the mood to get your creative juices flowing?

6k down, 44k to go! Happy writing! ๐Ÿ™‚


15 thoughts on “Ambiance – The Importance of Setting

  1. I can do both, however I need quiet usually. That is, unless sudden inspiration suddenly sparks. I can do so at my computer when I put my mind to it. But then I also love going for a walk to reflect after my end-of-the-afternoon run. That’s when I get a lot of my creative ideas.
    Have fun on your retreat.

  2. So, where are you going on the coast?

    I happily wrote away at my house this morning. I have five spots here, depending on my mood. One is like your nook in our library with lots of books to inspire me. Another is in the sunroom that looks out over the Red Buttes of Southern Oregon and Northern California. All have views.

    This afternoon, I drove into town and sat in my pickup and drank lattes while doing some editing. ๐Ÿ™‚ Change of pace, you know. โ€“Curt

    1. Sounds absolutely lovely! Our back deck over looking the Willamette Valley is a favorite spot in the summer for me. Much like your sunroom, you can’t beat a good view for inspiration!

      Rockaway Beach north of Tillamook! ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Just drove through their on my trip. BTW, have you checked out the blimp hangar at Tillamook? I found it fascinating.

        Yes, the views do make a difference. โ€“Curt

      2. Go see it. The museum isn’t much since they have transferred most of the planes to Easter Oregon, but the sheer size of the structure is incredible. And the history is quite interesting as well. โ€“Curt

  3. My spot is surrounded by clutter, every now and then, I tidy it up so I can see the desk again. Envious of the lights, my wife not going to let me Christmas up my desk in such a way. Talking to my mama, or driving alone, is where a lot of my subject matter invades my mind. Not ready for a novel, so decided to try my hand at a short story in the under 10k range. Good luck!

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