Crimson Ebbs and Flows

rose hips

Deep crimson hips –
memories of
sweet, earthy tang.
Spike thorns jab into
skin rushing by.

Golden leaves blanket
the cool forest
floor  break, shatter
under rubber soles.
Summer rays dance over
moss, hazel ripples.

You brought me here
Breeze cooled hot bodies,
moving with the ebbs and flows.
Grass curled,
swayed around us.

Salty droplets glide
down caramel
indentation of
your spine.
Sun glimmered across
ripples of muscle, skin.

Lay for hours, fish
jumping through
the shimmering glow of
Alone. Together the
cottonwoods stood watch.

I remembered you today
on the trail, dotted
red with rose.
When the thrush
cried out
and the crisp breeze
kissed my ruby cheeks.


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