Burnt Orange and Blue


That slip of time between
summer and fall.
Earth damp from chill
dew of October nights,
warming from the sun
of summer days
clinging on.

Fields of golden
sway, glimmer in
late afternoon light.
Leaves of burnt orange
drift on crisp
breeze, falling to
crunch underfoot.

River reflects cerulean
skies, bold against
trees turning
mustard, rust. Traces of
green linger.

Stones sanded smooth
with rushing water
mold under basking bodies,
soaking in the last of the
summer warmth.
Navy darkness, curls
around ankles
numbing from the
seasonal chill.

Whirlpooling around
where two rivers meet,
crashing in violent unison.
Current carries water-logged
wood into churning

Evening crawls in,
dusting shoreline with
chilled dew.
Crisp breeze closes in,
remaining days of sunlight,
warmth ending
in transitory


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