Mouthwatering Crab Cakes

Some friends of ours are regular crabbers. Unfortunately, every time they invite us to go along with them we have something else going on. The most recent crabbing adventure they embarked on resulted in a plentiful crop of crabs which they served at a barbecue later in the week. They had so much left over that we ended up going home with the equivalent of nearly 5 crabs! After much debate on what do do with this delicious, fresh crab meat, I decided to shell them all and whip up some crab cakes.

The best crab cakes I have ever had were in Florida at this amazing restaurant right on the Gulf of Mexico. The cakes were simple and fresh and I have yet to find a comparable dish at any restaurant in the Pacific Northwest. Which is surprising considering all of the fresh crab along the coast line here! All of the crab cakes I have had since then have been made with “fresh” crab, albeit shredded versus lump which is just not the same.

And so, I attempted to recreate this amazing and seemingly unattainable dish that I have been longing for for years. My God… I succeeded…

Crab Cakes!
Crab Cakes!

Mouthwatering Crab Cakes

Roughly 1 pound (5ish crab legs worth) of lump crab meat
1/2 cup mayonnaise
1/2 cup breadcrumbs
1 egg
1-2 finely chopped green onions
3 cloves finely chopped garlic
Salt/pepper or seasoning salt to taste (I used Lawry’s)
Oil or butter for pay frying

The crab meat we used had already been cooked for the barbecue. If you are using freshly caught crab, steam or boil the crab first, and cool them before shelling. This makes for a quicker cooking process when frying up your crab cakes.

Mix all of the ingredients and form into patties. If the patties aren’t holding together, add some more bread crumbs and/or mayo to get the consistency to where it needs to be (this often depends on how moist the crab meat originally is, so you may have to play around a bit with these binding ingredients). The patty size I opted for was roughly 3 inches in diameter. Coat the bottom of the skillet generously with oil or butter and heat at medium high. Drop the formed crab cakes into the hot skillet and fry on each side until the cakes are a nice medium golden brown.

These crab cakes were so delicious, so melt in your mouth tender and flaky, that they required no dipping sauce. I sampled one cake with a bit of melted butter on top which gave it some amazing flavor, but was not necessary. If you want to jazz it up a bit, some spicy aioili would be a fine pairing.

I cannot wait until the opportunity presents itself to make these again! I was shelling crab for well over an hour, but the end result was so amazing. Enjoy!! 🙂


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