Recharged and Ready to Write!

I can’t believe that it has been over a month since I have written anything! So many (good) things have been going on that, unfortunately, have taken my attention away from writing. Firstly, I was cramming to study for my PHR (Professional in Human Resources) certification exam for work. This exam is TOUGH! It is the equivalent to a CPA certification in my field of human resources. I am so happy to say that I passed!! 😀 I took the exam towards the end of June, the entire month of June being dedicated to studying, reviewing, and memorizing.

It certainly took a toll on my sanity, but was so worth it! The feeling of accomplishment I felt, the surreal feeling that I had finally done it, was and is so amazing. I am so proud of myself and the reality of this achievement is still sinking in as I start back to work after a much needed week long vacation on this glorious Monday!

My sister, husband, and I spent four days last week backpacking in the glorious Cascade mountains of Oregon starting near the base of Mount Jefferson. We began our hike at the breathtaking Olallie Lake that boasts stunning views of this glorious mountain that we can see from our house! It is so neat seeing the snow capped peak from our back deck, knowing what it looks like up close in all its glory!

Olallie Lake with Mt. Jefferson towering above.

We parked at Olallie Lake and then backpacked two miles into a remote lake settled deeper in the wilderness. Far enough from the main lake that we have utter peace and quiet, the smaller lake we packed into was so stunning, so serene. The heat and the mosquitoes definitely had us cursing on the pack in, but splashing in the frigid water after such a hike was pure heaven!

My sister and I ready to hit the trail!
My sister and I ready to hit the trail!

For the next three days we basked along side the sparkling water. I was the only one who actually enjoyed swimming in the snow and glacier melt lake; must be the Cancer in me, I’ve always had a love of cold water! Swimming and reading by the lake, curled up in my cocoon of a hammock was pure ecstasy to me. My husband can’t sit still for that long, so he went on some day hikes while my sister and I relaxed which worked out perfectly, everyone was happy and relaxed doing just what they wanted to do! At night, the sky was overloaded with stars. The view of the night sky is so incredible here. You can see a huge chunk of the Milky Way that is completely unobstructed by any city lights.

My husband, pup Pepper, and I enjoying a peaceful evening on the lake!

It was bittersweet to leave Saturday night. We opted to pack out later in the day so we had a chance to enjoy a full day at the lake. It was exactly the vacation that I needed to recharge and reflect on the things that are important in my life. I got to spend the 4th of July soaking in the splendor that the gorgeous Pacific Northwest has to offer with two of my favorite people. Couldn’t have asked for a better way to celebrate this country!

Now that I have returned home, I am so happy to fall back into my usual routine. With studying and vacations complete, I can get back into my pleasant habits of work, writing, reading, and being social with friends and family again! I have truly missed the serenity of sitting outside reading a good book without feeling guilty for not studying. I have been longing to spend an afternoon doing nothing but writing, verbally purging stories and poems from my overloaded brain. I have desperately missed spending quality time with friends and family, intensely disliking the antisocial being I have been the past few months!

So here’s to being me again! Here is to freedom to finally write, read, and socialize guilt-free! I look forward to getting back into this routine and eagerly anticipate all this fantastic summer (minus the scorching heat) has yet to offer! 🙂


10 thoughts on “Recharged and Ready to Write!

  1. I too am a retired CPA and recognize that your accomplishment is significant. Congratulations!!!

    However, I took one look at your back pack and immediately questioned your choice of vacation 😉

    1. Haha! I assure you, you are not the only one who questioned my choice of vacation!! 😀 Sunburn, mosquito bites, and the huffing and puffing involved with near crawling up some hills to get to the lake, it was totally worth it! 😀

      1. I’ll have to take your word for it!

        I’m afraid that anything more than a daypack with my water and munchies for the trail is too much for me to carry 🙂

      2. I highly recommend the book “Wild” by Cheryl Strayed. It’s about a woman who hiked a portion of the Pacific Crest Trail by herself! She nicknamed her pack “monster,” something I can completely relate to! 🙂

      3. I’ve heard that to a serious hiker, this book was very frustrating because she was so dippy and made stupid-should-have-known-better mistakes. No?
        I’ve been avoiding the book because of that.

      4. She certainly made some frustrating mistakes that seem (and are) to be common sense. I was most definitely frustrated with her in a few sections, she was very unprepared for the trip but you also must consider that she was very young and did this trek very spontaneously. Yes, not the best thing to do on a whim, but it is what it is. Bottom line, she did it, and not a lot of hikers can say they accomplished such a feat! It is something I am very in awe of!!

        That being said, her reason for going on this hiking trip, her reason for wanting to be outside and to become “one with nature” and to re-find her self is something that I really connected with. The frustrating bits are so few and far between. There is SO much more in this book that more than makes up for that! HIGHLY recommend! 😀

  2. Congratulations on passing your exam, Christina. Your lovely hiking pictures remind me of Paradise Meadows here on Vancouver Island. I love swimming in a cold lake after a long hot hike.
    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀

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