Christina the Cancerous Crab!

Day 26 – “Z” Zodiacs

I am aware I am a week late posting this. My final “Z” post has been sitting, half finished in my post que since last Wednesday. Alas, writing jobs and work that actually pays the bills come first and when it rains, it pours! Happy to be out of the murk and back at it! 

I have never put much stock into zodiacs, astrology, numerology, etc. I have always been one to believe that your characteristics and personality traits are learned and developed over time or are genetic, nature versus nurture. Zodiacs and the like was just a bunch of hippy nonsense that I have always disregarded.

Cancer's zodiac symbol.
Cancer’s zodiac symbol.

Until recently. Both my sister and a girlfriend took a deeper look into their horoscopes and the personality traits associated with their signs and I thought “Sure, why not. It’s a bunch of silliness anyway. What can it hurt?”

I was and am floored at how the characteristics affiliated with my sign, Cancer, align with my own traits. Cancer’s value their roots and the idea of “home” is of the utmost importance. They are serious homebodies and take great comfort in being surrounded by family in the cozy nest of their own creation. Very maternal and domestic, Cancers are happiest when their home life is full of serenity and harmony. Cancers hold very tight to traditions as they highly prize family history. One of the top motivations for the Crab is protecting their home and loved ones.

Cancers tend to be highly emotional and quickly retreat to their shells if the mood so strikes – hence the crabbiness jokes. As Cancers have this shell, these emotional walls, they tend to have difficulty sharing their innermost feelings and it can be a challenge to pry these walls down. Crabs are strong-willed and like to get their way. Crabs can be overly sensitive and are prone to brooding.  They are highly intuitive, especially in times of stress. Cancer’s element is Water. Very fitting as the waves of the sea much align to the constant ups and downs of a Cancer’s emotions.

Both the positive and negative aspects to a Cancer’s personality compliment my own characteristics perfectly. I am fiercely protective and loyal to my family and close friends and expect the same in return. I have been known to completely cut out individuals who in any way mess with my family or close friends and have no issues going after them (in a non-violent way of course).

I find that the older I get, the more I strongly value the home that my husband and I are building for ourselves. I love nesting and decorating; making our home a cozy haven for us to spend quiet evenings in together. Curling up with some wine and a good book in the comfort of my own home while my husband watches a futball match is just heaven to me. When my sister is in town, I adore afternoons and family dinners at my parents house. It brings back such happy memories and we share all sorts of stories.

The flip side. When I am in a bad mood I am in a BAD MOOD. Everyone knows it and God help the poor soul who says or does something wrong! Also something that I’m discovering about myself the older I get, I am quite the grudge holder. I had a altercation with a girlfriend a while back which is a perfect example. She had done something that unknowingly pissed me the hell off. Rather than causing conflict by bringing it to her attention, I brooded over it. For over three months I let my annoyance fester and grow. Not healthy!! We hashed it out and it’s all good now, but grudge-holding and retreating into that “emotional shell” of mine is definitely something I need to work on.

What is your sign? Do you find that your personality and characteristics align with the traits belonging to your sign? Do think there is anything to Zodiacs?


5 thoughts on “Christina the Cancerous Crab!

  1. Love this post and I 100% relate. I am also a Cancer who took all the zodiac stuff with a grain of salt until one day when boredom struck. I can’t believe how accurate the descriptions are. When I love, I love hard, but once you get on my bad side, good luck finding your way back! Haha. #TeamCancer

  2. Became interested and realized that the zodiac signs nailed it when my first husband introduced me to the science. He was a Cancer by the way 😀
    Thanks for the ‘Follow’!!!

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