Yellow Hat and Cut Marks

Day 25 – “Y” Yellow

She sat next to me
on the train.
Yellow stocking
slouched low
over dimpled skin.
Greasy hair sticking
out in clumps.

Smelled like Goodwill 
moth and must.
Chipped brown
nail polish
growing out,
chewed off.

Double pierced
nose jutting
out from
clean canvas.
Freckled and

Wrists covered
with her life.
“Om” tattoo,
star, and cut marks.
Dirty and jagged.
My cat, she laughed.

I had read the book
she pulled out,
asked her.
Yellow opened up,
talked of books,
kids, her home
on the mountain.

Bought a beer,
two and three.
Breath stank of
cheap hops.

She left, visiting
her friend – a
weekend full of
parties and booze,
Emotional break
from reality.

I thought about
her on the train
ride home.



9 thoughts on “Yellow Hat and Cut Marks

  1. Very evocative. I really appreciated the lines: “Freckled and worried.” Those two words made me wonder about what’s vulnerable and innocent about Yellow.

  2. I related to this poem, thank you! I have such similar thoughts every time I’m caught in a moment with a stranger whom I don’t know, whom I can’t connect with because I’m ashamed to realize that they are hurting more than me. Very beautiful imagery and excellent word choice. You put your reader right next to you on that train. 🙂

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