A Garden of Love

Day 22 – “V” Veggie Gardens!

I have a black thumb. Even the marrow is dark and murky. I have to be honest here, I hate gardening. I love the end results; I love having veggies to eat, flowers to admire and pick for my house, and a fluffy green yard to lay out in. But I loathe watering, weeding, and getting a layer of grime under my fingernails. When it comes to larger projects (such as the initial set up of our yard and garden) I’ll help, but daily maintenance is just not my thing.

Luckily… My husband loves gardening. We have an unwritten rule in our house that I take care of the inside, he takes care of the outside. So far, works like a charm! He gets to enjoy a clean house while I get to savor a well-manicured garden.

When we bought our first house last spring, the garden was atrocious. Wait, there was no garden. We had inherited a lawn full of dandelion and hard, red clay. Our first big project with this new house was to get the yard and garden into presentable shape for the events surrounding our upcoming wedding that summer.

We rototilled the front and back garden and spent the following two weekends picking through the mounds of  loosened earth, sifting out grass and weeds by hand. Talk about backbreaking work! Once the seed was planted and that project was over, we started to focus on the garden(s) surrounding our freshly planted yard.

We opted to put in four raised beds along the side of our house in addition to weeding and laying compost and top soil on the already established garden beds. Then came the ever ongoing debate of what to plant and where.

Two of our four raised beds. Tomatoes, peppers, and lots of seeds just went down!
Two of our four raised beds. Tomatoes, peppers, and lots of seeds just went down!

For this first year of gardening at our home, we opted for an array of veggies: beefsteak and yellow pear tomatoes along with this delicious purple heirloom variety, cucumbers, countless peppers including jalapenos and a variety of Hungarian peppers (both hot and mild), countless herbs, onions, kohlrabi, carrots, lettuce, and spinach.

In addition to our veggie gardens, we planted two fruit trees (a pear and a sour cherry) and a beautiful array of flowers throughout the front, back, and side yards. I’m so happy that this house had an established rose garden with the most fragrant roses! My husband planted gladiolus, tulips, bleeding hearts, pansies and violas, and other beautiful and colorful flowers that really make our gardens sing.

He grows, I cook. I’m quite content picking a basket full of veggies I’ll use for our meals throughout the week. There is something so rewarding and satisfying when you eat food that you (or your significant other 🙂 ) grew with your own two hands. Not only do home grown veggies taste so much better than their store-bought counterparts, they are healthier and cheaper! Win, win, win!

As the planting season starts, we are prepping the beds for seedlings and are deciding on a few new additions to the garden. We were really happy with our selection last year, but are planning on throwing in some red currants, fingerling potatoes, and I’m working on persuading him to plant some zucchini.

What about you? Do you garden? If so, what are you planting this year?




18 thoughts on “A Garden of Love

  1. Good for you guys! We’ve tried, over many seasons, to grow our own fruits and veggies: tomatoes, cucumbers, peas, watermelon, peppers, herbs, and probably lots of stuff I’ve forgotten about. Not much success though. Only things that keep producing are the orange tree and the rosemary bushes.

  2. We have a small garden, but I have no inclination towards gardening. My husband likes it, but has no time. An impasse. You’ve reminded me – I’m supposed to be looking for a garden company to coma and tidy up for us!

  3. Yum! There is nothing like a meal fresh from the garden!! Unfortunately I have neither the space in my yard nor the talent to grow my own vegetables … although I do like to fantasize about it 🙂

  4. My husband did not want to do the work this year.(turning soil, watering and taking care of). I was sad that we would not have the fresh greens. even though I would not be the one taking care of them. He relented and is turning the soil now. Guilt. I will be sure to thank him with fresh salads and such.

  5. Nice reading about you
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  6. Those raised beds are amazing. I love gardening, I studied it at college 😀 It’s great watching things spring up from tiny seeds to big plants and then getting flowers or veg from that effort 🙂

  7. It sounds like you did an amazing job restoring your garden! That’s no easy feat. When I was growing up my family grew as much of our food as possible – I loved picking raspberries fresh from outside! Hope you get a good crop this year 🙂 x

    1. I certainly hope so! I’m planning on a lot of food preservation this season (dehydrating and canning). I’m really looking forward to our currants. I have this recipe for an amazing currant liquor that I cant wait to try out with our crop! 🙂

  8. We actually made jam (from berries and plums from my and our parents’ gardens) for our wedding favors last summer! Such a wonderful personal touch for our guests! ❤

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