Blonde Hair Bobs: The Beauty of Sisterhood

Day 19 – “S” Sisters

Blonde Hair Bobs

Small hands clutch
infant skin.
Cheek to cheek smiles,
so happy, so proud.

One loud, one quiet.
Obnoxious, sneaky.
Ballsy, cautious.
Creative, analytical.
Different, but
so alike, the same.

Petty fights,
sitting in the corner
side by side.
Blonde hair bobs
though years of memories.

Wet eyes well, tell of sorrow,
ache of separation.
Never knew she could
miss someone so much
– a part of her
soul. Missing.

There for graduations,
relationships, frustrations
and glories.
Stood by her side when
she said I do.

For the good, the bad.
Blood bond, never
to be severed.
Closer than she ever
thought possible.

Holding my newborn baby sister! :-)
Holding my newborn baby sister! 🙂

Well, I was sobbing when I was writing this. My sister’s birthday is coming up later this week and I thought that “S” would be the perfect time to give her a little pre-birthday surprise and tell her just how much I adore her.

My baby sis is easily one of the most wonderful people I know, in so many amazing ways. She is as beautiful as she is crazy smart, is far more loving than I ever hope to be, is hilarious and witty, doesn’t snore, truly cares about doing the right thing, and bakes the best blueberry brioche I have ever tasted! (Well, when she doesn’t use gluten-free flour).

We went through some rough years during our teens (what siblings don’t?). I’ve never told her this, but when I was living in Florida after high school followed by her move to Alaska for college, I was the most alone as I have ever been. I had lost my best friend, my confident, the person I first turned to for advice and support.

Thankfully, she is currently in Seattle and I am so happy she is a drive or train ride away. She is finishing up her Master’s degree (see? crazy smart chick) and I am so unbelievably proud of her. As she finishes her education this June, we don’t know what life will throw her way next, where her job search will ultimately lead her. I hope with all my heart that she stays close, but it is time for my amazing sister to head out into the world and start building her own beautiful life.

Heidi, your happiness is so important to me. I love seeing you smile and hope that these next few years will be the most fulfilling and rewarding yet. Wherever this next phase of your life leads you, I will be there for you all the way, supporting you in any way I can, and being an emotional pillar for you to ever lean on. Being your sister is one of the most important relationships in my life. I value every memory, every moment of laughter and sorrow, and treasure all the lessons we have learned together. As our lives continue to move forward, obscure as that future may be, I am comforted knowing we will be by one another’s side every step of the way.

Happy Birthday!!!

Ahh.. My bachelorette party. Heidi was most definitely there for me on this evening!
Ahh.. My bachelorette party. Heidi was most definitely there for me on this evening!



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