Hand Prints and Tea Parties

Day 14 – “N” Nostalgia

White washed hand prints
on the fence.
On the gate behind
the hazelnut tree.
Hidden where dad
couldn’t see.
He did.

Cabin playhouse
in the corner,
built when
she was crawling.
Cowboys and Indians,
summer tea parties.
Backyard camp outs
– ghost stories sticky
with marshmallows.

Now, stacked firewood.
Rusting red mower,
squeaking tools.
Corrugated tin roof

Well-fed spiders sit
in silken homes.
Waiting  ant buffets crawl into
gummy graves.

Mice scratch from nest
under scrap pile 
safe until the calico smells.

She creeps out at
Morning dead mice
litter the
bathtub floor.


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