Day 3 – “C” Crash

What if I just kept driving?
Straight into the tree or
into the field of buttery, dry wheat.

Not allowing the wheel to turn
Hands above my head,
free falling across
an oily sea of black asphalt.

Would it slow to a peaceful stop or
throw me upside down like a violent
rusty roller coaster?
Instantaneous, or drawn?

Cross on the side of the road reminds.
The frailty of life.
The flowers talk each time a life flies by,
distracting the mortal driver.

The driver had a family, a life.
Did the devilish bend in the road
claim her as fate,
or did she mean to do it?

Painful remnants of her life surrounded her,
Death was the only escape.
Or did she think as I do now?
Mere curiosity. What if?

One question lingers after miles pass.
Would they miss me?



7 thoughts on “Crash

    1. Thank you, Robin! One of my “darker” poems for sure, but I thought I would mix it up for the challenge and do something a bit more creative! I’m really enjoying your posts as well!

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