The Evolution of Beauty

Day 2   “B”  Beauty

I was thinking a lot about this challenge last night and was on the fence as to whether or not I would write about “random” topics for each day, each letter, or if I wanted to do some kind of theme. I had planned on random, but after my first post yesterday, the wheels started turning and I thought that perhaps I could use this challenge as part of my constant desire to learn more about myself and reflect on how I have changed over time. Though I’m certain there will  still be random blurbs, I’m going to try to stick with that “theme” and focus on my personal development and evolution as an individual.

Keeping with that goal, “B” is for Beauty.

My outlook of what “beauty” is has changed so much over the past 1o to 15 years. As a teenager and into my early 20s I was incredibly materialistic and was into all of the latest trends and spent an insane amount of time focusing on my appearance (e.g., getting up extra early to do my hair, slather on unnecessary amounts of makeup, pick out the perfect outfit, etc.). Exhausting.

When I left the nest and moved out on my own and had to “fend for myself,” I slowly started to realize what a complete waste of time, energy, and money living such a high maintenance lifestyle was. Additionally, it was during this time that I started dating and when I became seriously involved with someone, I found myself morphing into what I believed they wanted. My hair color would change based on their preference, my attire would be altered depending on what they thought looked good on me. As I look back on this phase of my life I realize how completely miserable I was. I was focusing on what I thought other people viewed as beautiful versus what my definition of beauty was.

It wasn’t until I met my (now) husband that I started to focus on inner beauty and began to formulate my own definition of the term “beauty.” My level of contentment skyrocketed and my self-confidence grew and continues to grow.

Beauty isn’t how perfectly curled and highlighted your hair is. It isn’t the brand of eye shadow you use or the price tag on your shoes. It is not how many calories you burn in your spin class or the number squats you do in a day. Beauty is compassion and love. Beauty is both how well you treat yourself as well as how you treat others. Beauty is waking up and viewing every day as a glass half full and exuding that attitude in all you do. Beauty is treating others with respect and respecting yourself enough to know the difference in a man who views you as an item and a man who loves you for your intelligence, beliefs, and personality. Being smart is sexy. Having the confidence to voice your opinions is sexy. Be true to yourself. That is beauty.


2 thoughts on “The Evolution of Beauty

  1. It’s true. It’s annoying that we are given all these solutions to ‘being beautiful’ when all that is needed is time and experience…and support.

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