The A-Z Blogging Challenge!


A friend of mine participated in this challenge last year and though my blog wasn’t quite up to par at that time, I thought “next year… next year” and knew I wanted to give it a shot in the near future. Well, that time has come and since my blog revamp last month, I can’t think of a more perfect time to participate in a daily blogging challenge to force myself back into a more disciplined writing routine which I sorely need.

The challenge itself is fairly simple and self-explanatory: write one blog every day in April excluding Sundays. This leaves 26 days with there being 26 letters of the alphabet. On April 1st, write a blog about something that begins with the letter “A.” April 2nd, write about something starting with the letter “B” and so on. Easy right?

We shall see….

I do think that this challenge will prove to be beneficial in that it will allow me a chance to express my salty sense of humor, a side that I’m finding is not often expressed as well in my writing as I would like. The rules state that the posts can be (should be) short, so that is a relief! My husband uses the word “verbose” to describe me (hence the “wordy” adjective in my blog name) so this will be a challenge in and of itself!

And so… Day 1. “A” is for….. Anger.

Ahhhh anger. My beautiful little friend. I am roughly 75% German and emulate the personality traits affiliated with that heritage to a T. I am stubborn, argumentative, and on a typical day, can be more verbally aggressive and easily annoyed than not.

My sister and I grew up with very different types of “aggressive” behavior and to this day still hold to those differences. She would poke and be sneaky (very passive aggressive) until I would snap and yell. And guess who got into trouble?! The loud one, of course.

I’ve always been one to snap. I’m not a violent person by any means, but lord do I have a mouth on me. I’ve discovered a lot about myself over the past decade and have come to the conclusion that I may have a slight temper. My astrological sign is Cancer so it’s fitting right? Crabs snap! I typically pent up my rage until I simply can’t take it any more and then… Kaboom. God help the poor soul who is in my path when I project the pent up tension. And usually the reason for my frustration isn’t that big of a deal, it is the build up that causes the big snap.  Or, depending on the situation, I’ll put it all out there and you will KNOW when I’m pissed off. It will be painfully clear that I have been wronged in some way and the wrongdoer needs to meet his maker!

As I have reflected on my personality over the past few years and have tried to determine what I can do to be a better person, I have made these discoveries and truly have been trying to not be so angry, to cool my temper down, and let things go.

Unless I’m driving… Then all bets are out the window. I really try to behave myself when I’m driving with guests. But family or really close friends? HA. Pity them… Pity them for having to be in such a close proximity of a ranging blonde, arms flailing, fingers flashing at the idiot who decided to pull out in front of her as she came flying down the hill when they could CLEARLY see there was no one behind her. But did they wait? No. They just HAD to squeeze in there, forcing her to slam on her brakes and lay on the horn. Seriously… Some people… Inconsiderate and careless rivers are one of my biggest peeves, can you tell?

I would like to note here that yes, I am an angry driver, but not to the point that I am aggressive. In typical situations I will express my anger through my hands and the sound of my horn but will not put myself or others in danger.

Fitting into the “A” theme for the day is the fact that I am very Type “A.” This ties beautifully into my minuscule anger issue in that I typically need to just chill the fuck out. I tend to stress and get angry over things that are completely inconsequential. Yet another thing I have realized about myself in my ongoing path to self discovery.

And so my readers.  “A” is for Anger. A is for being an angry Type “A” personality who needs to take a deep breath, smell the roses, and think about all the good things in life rather than brood over the things that make my blood boil.


6 thoughts on “The A-Z Blogging Challenge!

  1. Tim, thank you! I was debating doing a “theme” to this challenge or to just do random topics for each letter. I’m thinking of doing a quasi “self discovery” theme and address different topics that are meaningful to me and will help me look more inward. Looking forward to seeing where this project goes! 🙂

  2. Good start! I have to admit to being a little Type A as well, though for me it tends to manifest in my creative life (hence my decision to just let the blogging challenge go this one year – I don’t need more stress on this front, lol!). Can’t wait to see “B!”

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